11 de agosto de 2009 |

Kingston dials things up to 256GB with new SSDNow V+ line

Kingston is still a relative newcomer to the SSD game, but it looks like it's already well on its way to endless, somewhat confusing product refreshes, with it now rolling out three drives in its new SSDNow V+ line. Available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities, the new drives best the previous non-plus SSDNow V line with read and write speeds up to 220MB/sec and 180MB/sec, respectively, and pack some higher input and output operations per second (or IOPS) to boot, which should also help to deliver an overall boost in speed. As you might expect, however, while things start a somewhat reasonable $254 for the 64GB model, things get decidedly more out of reach from there, with the 128GB drive running $500 firm, and the 256GB drive setting you back a hefty $992.

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